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Monday, December 22, 2008

The Fruit Of the Holy Spirit

Today is one and a half year since I started my study in Spiritual Freedom Bible School. And I can merely say that your and of course Christ’s goal is reached for 100% - I am cleansed and washed by the Lord.

I was able to get out from power of sin and find deep faith in Jesus Christ – our Lord and Savior.

I was convicted for robbery to 6 years ending 01/16/2010. And I have also decided to listen to the Word and confess to society in number of medium crimes, which I had committed before. Back in 2001 – 2002 when I was a teenager, I behaved like a hooligan and I was an unconscious sinner as I really did not know how to live right (I grew up with no father).
Now, by the Word of God, I have quit covering all my crimes and I turned to investigating committee and gave myself up. I am ready to repay and thanking God for this recovery of my sight.

I know and I am 100% sure that my further life in Christ will save many lives of others, bringing them to Heavenly Father. I have got a need to preach the Gospel and tell people what the Lord did to me and how He has pardoned me.
I want them to know Christ, because to know Him - is to know life.

IK-7, Karelia Republic, Russia

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