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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Recent letters.......

Recent letters from our Bible Students behind bars..........
April 6, 2010 The greatest decision in any humans life is when the person receives Lord Jesus Christ as a personal Savior from sins. I have a joy to share with you. One of my inmates once came up to me and without saying a word took my book “The Good News” Bible study and started to read it. He told that he also wants to study the Bible. A few weeks ago he was a furious, violent atheist, but today he reads Bible every day. Learning the Bible he has come to Christ and received Salvation. I’m humbly grateful, thanks to all of you.Arthur, prisonerKrasnodar City

March 31, 2010 Dear brothers and sisters, greetings with great holiday of Resurrection of Christ.Your books helped me a lot. They stimulated me to study the Bible and I am very thankful for that. I am sending you a list of people (20 people) from my cell block. They want to study too.Evgeny Footin, prisonerPr. #15, Kopeysk city

. March 15, 2010 Hello to all of you at our most esteemed Spiritual Freedom!We recently requested from you some literature and Bible correspondence studies from the servants of God Alexander and Dmitry (Staff of SFM)We want to thank all Spiritual Freedom workers for the literature, which you’ve sent us, and to wish you and your organization only the best .We, as soon as we received your packages were very happy and thanked God for He has heard us. Because this prison is in such a remote place we are far away from any fellowship and there is nobody to talk about the Bible. On the very first day, my friend Alexander and I, have started to work on our first lessons. We will be praying for all of you at Spiritual freedom.Sincerely and warmly in our hearts, servants of God, Dmitry & Alexanderprisoners, Omsk city

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