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Monday, April 14, 2008

Letter-gratitude 3 January 24, 2008 Moscow

From: Davidenko Vladimir, prisoner
Krasnodar region, village Stantsionnyi.

I hope you understand all the greatness of your ministry?
It’s the great gain for me, that God himself teaches me what and how to speak to unbelievers about Jesus. I also understand better how to share God’s wonderful gift with my brothers in Christ.
But the main thing is that I have firmly convinced in my salvation due to study in Bible school “Spiritual Freedom”!
I remember the time when Satan whispered me that God does not forgive my sins any more, because I don’t feel the same joy as I had after the first repentance. It was the real spiritual battle for me. Praise the Lord! It was His victory! And now I am filled with joy again.
May God give many blessings to you – the people who sacrifice their time working with us.

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