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Monday, April 14, 2008

Letter-gratitude 5 January 24, 2008 Moscow

From: Somov Valery, prisoner, graduated in 2007
Orenburg region, city Novotroitsk.

First of all, I want to note that Emmaus courses are very precious to me. God opens through your courses that I am on the right way: “I pursue towards goal, for the prize of the calling on high of God in Christ Jesus” (Phil. 3:14).

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, graders of “Spiritual Freedom”! I am happy that God Himself had directed me to you. Being in your school and dividing the Holy Scripture with the help of your Bible studies, I receive a lot of revelations.
But the main thing is thank you for you are, for your ministry and for your work.
May God reward you truly!

Letter-gratitude 3 January 24, 2008 Moscow

From: Davidenko Vladimir, prisoner
Krasnodar region, village Stantsionnyi.

I hope you understand all the greatness of your ministry?
It’s the great gain for me, that God himself teaches me what and how to speak to unbelievers about Jesus. I also understand better how to share God’s wonderful gift with my brothers in Christ.
But the main thing is that I have firmly convinced in my salvation due to study in Bible school “Spiritual Freedom”!
I remember the time when Satan whispered me that God does not forgive my sins any more, because I don’t feel the same joy as I had after the first repentance. It was the real spiritual battle for me. Praise the Lord! It was His victory! And now I am filled with joy again.
May God give many blessings to you – the people who sacrifice their time working with us.

Letter-gratitude 1 January 24, 2008 Moscow

From: Ponomarev Alexander, prisoner
Udmurtija, Ljuga.

Good day, dear brothers and sisters!
Thank you very much for the literature you send me and for your help in studying the Bible.
As you know, I am in prison now but due to you I got to know Jesus Christ and began to study the Word of God.
I have completely changed my views on life and came to the conclusion, that without the literature you sent, I’d never realized myself as a sinner. I would never knew, that only Lord Jesus Christ alone can save me.
I am looking forward to receive the next Bible courses.

Letter-gratitude 2 January 24, 2008 Moscow

From: Ozhgibesova Marina, prisoner
Perm City (Ural)

I’d like to express my thanks to Bible school “Spiritual Freedom” and to praise the Lord Jesus for youк work!
This Bible school has taught me to think, meditate upon God’s Law and upon the Lord, like David did - day and night.
Thank God for you and for your help to make Jesus as a foundation in many people lives.
Thanks to God Almighty for your care and your work (Galatians 6:9),

Letter-gratitude 4 January 24, 2008 Moscow

From: Kostin Anton, prisoner.
City Yekaterinburg (Ural).

Greetings to all of you Spiritual Freedom!
I just want to express the words of thankfulness for that you light a hope in such kind of people like me.
Your courses really help to clear many of mine spiritual questions and gain my faith in God, in Christ and salvation. Your courses helped me and I don’t compare myself with the lost sheep any more.